Location of Googlebot Crawl is not showing in Google Crawl Stats Report

Google has been noe crawling all the locations outside of the United States, earlier it used to crawl in some specific situations only. But as per now you need to check you log files to know if Google is crawling your site outside United States or not.

The location where Googlebot is crawling your website cannot be seen using the crawl stats report in Google Search Console.

The “crawl requests breakdown” has now being displaying crawl requests by location or the region, but it only displays crawl requests by response, file type, purpose, and Googlebot type.

It has been explained that all the requests and the queries will be continuing to come from the same locations only because requests dealing from many different locations is like dealing more with broken websites on the unclear web.

Possibility is that in future it will be rectified but for now it cannot. Maybe the time more geographical features come into the light of web then the particular thing is possible for sure.

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