Google Search Console 2023

Google Search Console New Survey 2023

Google is now presenting a list of statements for survey in Google Seach Console. They are doing if for potential future development and working on new features. The survey takes some minutes to be fill up. The survey is in just a tick form only.

The survey benefits the Google with respect to the changes to be made in the betterment of Google Search Console. The questions are very interesting and easy and moves near introducing of some new features.

The survey includes the following statements:-

  • I don’t want some of my content to be surfaced on Google
  • I want my content to be shown in Search results as I intended to
  • I want to understand my audience better
  • I want my site pages to be surfaced on Google
  • I want to know why my traffic from Google dropped
  • I want my videos to be surfaced on Google
  • I want to monitor everything is okay with my site on Google
  • I want to understand what content to create next
  • I want to extend my reach and grow my audience
  • I want to know how successful my content is on Google
  • I want to improve speed and Page Experience of my site

The main focus of this survey statements are related to the analysis of the audience to reach out to the content that is surfaced on Google. It includes like how the user wants his content to be there on Google. Highlighting videos on Google is also added. Seeking advices from Google regarding knowing how successful the content is on Google and how to improve speed and Page Experience of the website.


The Google Search Console Survey 2023 is being done for adding up many new features and the development of the Google. It will lead to many updates in Google. The survey has statements asking the users about adding up or not adding up many features and what users want for their websites and how to questions solutions.

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