Google’s Quality Updates impacts Crawling & Indexing

It has been recognised that quality updates made by Google, like the core updates and the other good updates, don’t only imapact the ranking of the page in Google but also that how google crawls it. This only happends if Google decides to index that page.

It is said that a simplified way to see it is if Google doesn’t think it’s worth showing large parts of a site in search, it’s not worthwhile to spend time crawling and indexing it all.

It has also come into the possibility that also, even for good sites, Google tend not to crawl and index everything because there’s just so much other content on the web too. Posting daily is like spamming your website.

Google has got it’s seats fasten up and updated a lot many queries. All the Google search algorithms has been updated. Google business profile has been updates. SEO, Google Search and Googlebot has been updates. IP addresses have been updated. Many other Google updates have been also done.

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