Google Update January 2023

Google Updates January 2023

Google has been loaded with a lot of updates and has finally completed and activated all the updates in the month of January. After a long way, in the second week of January, Google has updated the content and link spam updates of December 2022. All the queries of December were solved in this week and finally completed.

Google Algorithm and Business Update

On the discussion about the Google algorithm update, the team described the algorithm update are sometimes like planting seeds in a garden. Google gave one tip that linking to multiple sellers may give you a small ranking boost with the product reviews update. Google Business Profiles says that no longer can have a price ranges for products, and custom class to actions are going away next month.

Google Search and Bot Update

People are advised to keep the HTML section clean and without JavaScript. Google has also updates its sit name documentation to clarify that m-dot and www are considered the domain level. It has also said that writing SEO case-studies are a little challenging. Google has also updates the list of Googlebot IP addresses to IPv4 and IPv6 in the JSON files. Google Search is always testing instances in the search results.

Other Google Update

It has also reiterated its views of AI-generated content and how Google will represent all the content. It is advised that the Google traffic is not a measure of search quality. On the other hand Google Maps has been testing the new 360 aerial views. Google Ads has an editing bug with a draft or experimental campaigns. Google Ads said performance max is not preferred over search campaigns.


Google has got it’s seats fasten up and updated a lot many queries. All the Google search algorithms has been updated. Google business profile has been updates. SEO, Google Search and Googlebot has been updates. IP addresses have been updated. Many other Google updates have been also done.

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