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Google Search Console Loosing Track on Local Pack Clicks

The latest ongoing issue on Google is that the search console is not tracking any local pack click. From a couple of months people are facing this issue on a priority note and are having many requests from SEOs.

It has been came into light that if you are trying to track activity from the 3-pack, the local SEOs were given some wrong data. The right data was actually being missing.

Based on all the research it looks like a huge amount of traffic from the Google Business Profile from mobile is completely missing in Search Console, and some data from desktop. The one possible reason for this is that when you click on a listing in the 3-pack on mobile, you get a URL string that says Google/local services/profile whereas on a computer, you get Google/search.

There are a few reasons why Google Search Console might not be tracking all of the clicks on your local pack:

  1. The time users click on the “More places” button, their click will not be tracked by Search Console.
  2. If users click on the “Maps” link, their click will not be tracked by Search Console.
  3. If users click on the “Website” link, their click will be tracked as a referral in Search Console, not as a local pack click.
  4. If you have not correctly implemented the tracking code on your website, Search Console may not be able to track clicks on your local pack.
  5. Search Console may not have enough data to accurately track clicks on your local pack. This can happen if you have only recently added your website to Search Console or if you have a low number of clicks on your local pack.


The issue about the Google Search Console is going since September 2022, and Google will soon reply to it after the holidays as everyone is expecting as this will be fixed on a priority note. The issue was being raised one after the another after some days.

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